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Below is a selection of Executive 4K/UHD Reports, authored by Nordahl, available on Nordahl's www.coax.tv website


New post-NAB-2014 Issue

Executive 4K/UHD Report

"Attention all 720p60 TV Stations:

Start STREAMING 1080p60"

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or download.


NEW pre-NAB-2014 Issue

Executive 4K/UHD Report

"96 Million U.S. TV Households now have HDTV. It took 15 years . . . What about Ultra-HD Growth?"

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or download.


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The Future of

TV Delivery:


Wireless & Cloud



Expertise & Competencies:

TV Technologies & Applications

nordahl.tv LLC provides focused, reliable, highly effective and

affordable management consulting services to the (professional) Television Industry in areas of emerging technologies and applications, including TV News/Sports Acquisition, HD-ENG/EFP, HD-over-IP Transport, Content Delivery Network (CDN) streaming workflow, and "Hollywood" Digital Film DI/Post Solutions, recently expanding our core competencies to include camera-integrated wireless Remote Live HD acquisition through 4G-LTE and WiFi, Cloud-based Contribution, Mobile Television through 4G-LTE and M-DTV, OTT delivery, and UHD/4K acquisition and applications. Headquartered in Los Angeles, nordahl.tv LLC was founded in 2002.


Current Market/Technology Exposure

  • UHD (Ultra HDTV) & 4K Acquisition/Production

  • Cellular LIVE HD-ENG/EFP Acquisition/Backhaul

  • Mobile Television / Cloud-centric Live/Store/Forward

  • FCC (TV Broadcast) Spectrum Reclaim/Auction Issues

  • HD/UHD/4K-over-IP Networking/Streaming/Transport

What we do for our Clients

  • Strategic Planning - 4K/UHD Transition

  • Market Research / Competitive Analysis

  • Solution / Product / Technology Direction

  • Marketing / Visibility Programs / Channel Development

  • U.S. (Sales/Support) Subsidiary Start-Up / Restructuring

  • Executive/Key Employee Search (Marketing/Sales/Operations)

  • Interim Executive Assignment

Clients & Customers (current & past, partial listing)

ABC-TV - Adobe - Apple - Autodesk - Canon - CBC TV - CHUM

CNN - COX - DVS - Global - Hitachi - Hubbard - JVC - Nokia

Net Insight - Network Electronics (Nevion) - Panasonic - ONTEC

Sony - Grass Valley - T-VIPS (Nevion) - TV Globo - WRAL - Zaxel


Executive HDTV/UHD Reports


Go to www.coax.tv to access selected free issues of Nordahl's Executive

4K/UHD Reports (blogs), as published from time to time as time permits.


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Tore B. Nordahl


An exceptional blend of accomplishments . . .

in engineering, marketing, sales & leadership positions


Nordahl has spent 38+ years in the North American television industry, with the past 16 years largely emerged in developing and bringing HDTV to the professional markets. And, for the most recent years, he's been right in the middle of 4K and Ultra-HDTV (UHD) developments, mobile DTV and 4G-LTE television. His career is an exceptional blend of engineering, marketing, sales and business, in executive positions with market leaders.


Nordahl started nordahl.tv LLC in 2002 after years as VP Product Development & Engineering at Panasonic Broadcast. Prior to Panasonic, he held the position of GM/VP Sales & Marketing at DVS' North American subsidiary. Prior, Nordahl founded and served as President of Mitsubishi's ProAudio Division, and as President of Neve North America. He co-founded a CATV systems company (Complexicable) where he served as COO/VP Engineering after his early career as a CATV electronics design engineer.


Nordahl issued the first comprehensive HDTV Transition Report in 2004 addressing suppliers, followed by a series of HD ENG & TV News oriented reports from 2005 to 2008 addressing TV Networks and TV Stations, followed in 2010 by the first Future of (US) Television Report.


Regina T. Nordahl


Regina (Terry) Nordahl supports special projects and provides legal support, often in executive search and staffing matters. She holds JD and MBA degrees, as well as certification in human resource management (SPHR).   Her full time career is as Associate Dean of Administration at one of California's most prominent private universities' School of Public Policy.




We fondly refer to Morgan as our Director of Collections and Security. As a large German Shepherd at the age of 14, he has retired and we try to make his life as good as we can for his old age. He's in good shape except for weakness in his hind legs. Morgan is the smartest and most wonderful dog and he is kind to all people (except for intruders).


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New Report for 2014


The Transformation of the U.S. Television Business


Scheduled to ship Q-4 2014. Executive Introduction will be posted earlier. Issues to be discussed in detail include UHD (4K), Mobile TV, OTT, Internet & Retransmission (fee) considerations, not to mention FCC's difficulties in executing what is now the 2015 spectrum auction and repack, as we approach the transformation. Bottom line? By 2020, the U.S. Television delivery market will look radically different. And the Report will detail that new emerging television industry.


The first such Report shipped

October 2010:


The Future of the U.S. Television Business

(It's 3-Screens - Not 3-D)


The 2010 105-page Report was carefully assembled in the wake of the release of the FCC National Broadband Plan, for the purpose of detailing the current state of the U.S. Television Business, to discuss the interest in TV/video by the Telecom/ Wireless providers, to analyze the value of the 600 MHz TV Broadcast spectrum, and to discuss and present likely future growth scenarios of the U.S. Television Business. Never before has one Report covered the U.S. television business with such breadth and detail, including financial segment analysis. Nordahl correctly forecast the lack of enduring interest in 3-D at home, and that the issue in 2010 going forward was about serving multiple screens and mobile TV reception.


Client Custom Reports


We also offer Custom Report Services tailored for a single Client. Contact Nordahl to dicuss subjects, scope and cost.


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Tore B. Nordahl

nordahl.tv LLC

Los Angeles, California, USA             New York (Brookfield, CT)

Email    Tel  +1 818-366-0448          Europe (Oslo, Norway)


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